wood sculptures

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EARTHLING - 2005 - trunk, earth and seeds - height 75 cm, platform-disk 60 cm CITY TREE - 1995 - bark, cement, green fishing net - height 90 cm. Sacrificed to the city NEPTUNE, THE BLUE PLANET - 1995 - bluestone, wood 85:25:20 cm

wooden sculptures

The wooden sculptures on my website are not many, and in one case (Neptune, the Blue Planet) a combination of wood and bluestone. Stone sculptures show the oldest age. Wood grows vertically up from its horizontal base, the soil it grows from. All that stands vertical in life reaches for the sun, needs the sun (like ourselves), it is as an awakened position to light itself (like lying down horizontally means sleeping).

Earthling is a tribute to where the wood comes from: trees. The wooden sculpture shows the family of a tree, as more trees grow out of the mother tree. It pays homage to its Origins: the soil, it‘s reproduction (egg-shape), the seeds in its bowls to offer to the Big Spirit connected to our planet Earth and our universe.

Neptune, the Blue Planet shows a process of growth. With a father figure giving a solid base (square foot-stand) giving room for a twirling growth of his child, she/he grows into wood: a soft unfolding.

City Tree refers to a sub tramway being built in the Hague (Netherlands) during the 1990‘s for which a lot of trees in the centre of the city had to be pulled down. Trees replaced by concrete. The artist made this wooden sculpture filling tree-bark with cement, held fast by green plastic fishnet, lying astray on the beach nearby. She placed it on the building site, where the trees were before, and though it stayed there for a long time, some three months, it was eventually taken home by a stranger.